Tracy Nissan can always help you find your next new or used vehicle. We also specialize in automotive service, and won't rest until our clients are satisfied. Let our trained experts thoroughly examine, diagnose, and repair your vehicle in a timely manner. Our customers frequently come into the shop because of issues to do with their brakes. A little preventive maintenance and knowledge about brake systems can go a long way in extending the life of your car, but Tracy Nissan is ready to repair your brakes when they stray from peak performance.


How it Works and Maintenance

Failing to pay attention to your car's braking system can cause some serious headaches down the road. Brakes are perhaps the most important safety features in your car, and it's important to pay attention when you think they might need an inspection. When you brake, friction from brake pads is applied to a rotor in the auto's wheel slowing the car down. Brake fluid is another critical part of this assembly. It sits in the brake lines and creates the pressure that allows your car to slow down. Braking can't happen without this fluid, so regularly checking it at home allows you to drive safely. Another tip: as you drive, remember to avoid suddenly slamming on the brakes when possible. Smooth deceleration will increase the longevity of the brake system.


There are a number of great warning signs to look out for that tell you when it's time to swap out your auto's brakes or brake pads. The most obvious sign is your car's brake light in the dashboard. It's a non-specific indicator, meaning that it might just be time for your vehicle to be inspected or it could be something much more critical. Don't ignore other signals like a high toned screeching or grating. Sounds like this are typically associated with the brake pads, and can indicate that they have worn out. As you brake, you might also feel a quaking or trembling. This sensation can be a warning sign that rubble or dirt has become caught in or near the wheel's rotor. A scraping sound can also mean that debris has become lodged in the rotor assembly.


How it's Done

When our automotive technicians examine out your brake systems, they're checking for factors like brake fluid level, rotor evenness, corrosion, lug nut installation, and piston retraction. If your pads have worn out, a suitable replacement set can be easily inserted from our large inventory.

Tracy Nissan

Talk to your Tracy Nissan mechanic about putting your vehicle on an ongoing service schedule for a reasonable cost. Regular maintenance can prevent more troubling issues later, including those with your car's braking system. Drivers from all over Tracy, Stockton, Pleasanton, Modesto, and Manteca go the extra mile to have their cars serviced by our trained dealer technicians. At Tracy Nissan, you'll tackle your auto's brake problem the right way like only a specialized dealer mechanic can.

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