2025 Nissan Line Up

Nissan, one of the world's leading automotive manufacturers, is gearing up to make significant changes to its vehicle lineup by 2025. As the industry shifts toward electrification and advanced technologies, Nissan is adapting to meet its customers' evolving needs and preferences. While Nissan continues to adapt and innovate, its commitment to providing customers with vehicles that combine style, performance, and advanced technology remains constant. Let's take a closer look at the Nissan 2025 lineup changes, focusing on the 2025 Nissan Kicks, Altima, and Pathfinder, as well as the broader changes expected by 2030.

2025 Nissan Kicks

The Nissan Kicks, a popular subcompact crossover, is set to receive a significant refresh for the 2025 model year. While the Kicks will maintain some of its original charm and affordability, it will feature a more mature and modern design both inside and out. The exterior will sport bold and streamlined front and rear fascias, while the interior will offer you increased space and updated technology.

One of the most notable changes for the 2025 Kicks is the increased passenger room. The redesigned model will offer 1.7 inches more front shoulder room, 1.9 inches more rear shoulder room, and 0.9 inches more rear knee room, ensuring a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. The interior will also feature updated infotainment options, including a 7.0-inch screen on the base model and dual 12.3-inch screens on higher trims.

Under the hood, the 2025 Kicks will bid farewell to the 1.6-liter engine, replacing it with a more powerful 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine producing 141 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque. This upgrade will address the previous model's occasional struggle with power and provide you with a more enjoyable driving experience. Additionally, all-wheel drive will be available for the first time, making the Kicks a more versatile option if you're seeking improved traction and stability.

2025 Nissan Altima

Rumors suggest that the Nissan Altima, a long-standing player in the midsize sedan segment, is entering its final year of production in 2025 after more than 25 years on the market. Nissan reportedly plans to discontinue the Altima nameplate as the automotive industry shifts its focus toward SUVs, crossovers, and electric vehicles.

Despite its reported discontinuation, the 2025 Altima will likely offer a familiar design and features, as it will still be part of the sixth generation introduced in 2019. The spacious interior and user-friendly controls that have made the Altima popular among buyers will remain intact. Under the hood, a 188-horsepower, four-cylinder engine will likely come as standard, with an optional turbocharged 2.0-liter VC-Turbo engine producing 248 horsepower.

While official fuel economy estimates for the 2025 Altima have not been released, the current model achieves an EPA-estimated 28 mpg to 32 mpg combined, depending on the engine and drivetrain configuration. The available VC-Turbo engine will likely maintain respectable efficiency despite the extra power. As the Altima potentially enters its final year, it will continue to compete against other top midsize sedans on the market, such as the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Hyundai SONATA, and Kia K5.

2025 Nissan Pathfinder

It's probable that the Nissan Pathfinder, a versatile three-row SUV, will receive minor updates for the 2025 model year. The current generation Pathfinder, which debuted for the 2022 model year, already boasts modernized looks and a new transmission, so the 2025 Pathfinder will likely see few significant changes.

Potential updates you'll find in the 2025 Pathfinder include:

  • The addition of more driver-assist features on the base trim.
  • A digital gauge display on mid-range models.
  • New paint and upholstery color choices.

Reports suggest that the Pathfinder's sole engine choice, a 3.5-liter V-6 producing 284 horsepower and 259 lb-ft of torque as standard, will carry over for 2025. Customers will continue to choose between front-wheel and all-wheel drive, with a nine-speed automatic transmission in both configurations.

The Pathfinder's spacious interior and easy third-row access remain strong suits, and safety will continue to be a priority. Expect the 2025 Pathfinder to maintain its high crash test ratings and provide you with a comprehensive suite of driver-assist and active safety features.

More Change Coming for Nissan by 2030

Looking beyond 2025, Nissan is preparing for even more significant changes as the company works toward realizing its Ambition 2030 vision. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, Nissan will likely accelerate its efforts in electrification and advanced technologies, expanding its electric vehicle offerings and introducing more advanced driver-assist systems.

The company has already made significant strides with Nissan's new models by introducing the all-electric ARIYA crossover and the ProPILOT Assist semi-autonomous driving technology. In addition to the potential discontinuation of the Altima, reports suggest that Nissan will also say goodbye to the Maxima and Versa to make way for a new electric sedan.

While details about Nissan's plans have not been officially announced, the company's spokesperson has stated that they are "continuing to invest in the sedan segment to offer our customers great-looking cars equipped with convenient, entertaining, and safety-enhancing technologies." As Nissan works toward its Ambition 2030 vision, you can expect exciting developments in the coming years.

Embrace the Future with Nissan at Tracy Nissan

As Nissan prepares for the changes coming to its lineup for 2025 and beyond, now is the perfect time to experience the brand's current offerings. At Tracy Nissan in Tracy, California, we invite you to test-drive the latest models and discover the quality, automotive innovation, and value that Nissan brings. Our team is ready to help you with everything from test drives to financing your Nissan. Contact Tracy Nissan today to learn more about the exciting changes coming to Nissan's lineup and how you can be among the first to experience the future of driving.

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2024 Nissan Rogue Sport Advanced Safety Features

Nissan has always been committed to safety, and the 2024 Rogue Sport is a testament to that dedication. By incorporating advanced technologies and innovative design elements, the Rogue Sport sets a new standard for safety in the compact SUV segment.

The Comprehensive Suite of Safety Features in the 2024 Rogue Sport

At the heart of the 2024 Nissan Rogue Sport's safety arsenal lies Nissan Safety Shield 360, a standard suite of advanced driver-assist technologies designed to provide all-around protection. This comprehensive Nissan safety technology package includes:

  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection: This system uses forward-facing radar and camera technology to detect potential frontal collisions with vehicles or pedestrians. If a collision is imminent, it will alert the driver and automatically apply the brakes if necessary to help avoid or mitigate the impact.
  • Blind-spot warning: Radar sensors in the rear quarter panels constantly monitor the blind-spot areas on both sides of the vehicle. If they detect a vehicle in one of those blind spots, the system will illuminate an indicator light on the corresponding side mirror to alert the driver before attempting a lane change.
  • Rear cross-traffic alert: When you're backing out of a parking spot or driveway, this system uses radar sensors to detect vehicles approaching from either side. If it detects a vehicle, it will provide visual and audible warnings to help you avoid a collision.
  • Lane departure warning: A camera mounted on the windshield monitors the lane markings on the road. If the vehicle begins to drift out of its lane without the turn signal activated, the system will alert you with visual and audible warnings.
  • High beam assist: This feature automatically turns the high beams on and off based on the surrounding traffic conditions.
  • Rear automatic braking: Rear-facing sonar sensors detect stationary objects behind the vehicle while backing up. If they detect an object and you fail to brake, the system will automatically apply the brakes to help avoid a collision.

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

The 2024 Rogue Sport offers additional advanced driver assistance systems that further enhance safety and convenience:

  • ProPILOT Assist: This semi-autonomous driving system combines Intelligent Cruise Control and Steering Assist to help reduce driver fatigue during long highway drives. It can automatically adjust your speed to maintain a safe following distance and make minor steering adjustments to keep the vehicle centered in the lane.
  • Navi-Link: Integrated with ProPILOT Assist, Navi-Link uses GPS data from the navigation system to anticipate upcoming curves and adjust the vehicle's speed as necessary, providing a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.
  • Intelligent around view monitor: This system provides a virtual 360-degree bird's-eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings, making it easier to navigate tight parking spaces.
  • Intelligent forward collision warning: This system uses radar and camera technology to monitor the vehicles in front of the Rogue Sport, even two cars ahead. If it detects sudden deceleration, it will alert you with visual and audible warnings, helping to reduce the risk of rear-end collisions.
  • Traffic sign recognition: A forward-facing camera detects and displays relevant traffic signs, such as speed limits, on the instrument cluster or head-up display.
  • Intelligent driver alertness: This system can detect driver fatigue or lack of attention by monitoring steering input and other vehicle data. If it senses you're becoming drowsy, it will provide visual and audible warnings to prompt you to take a break.

Passive Safety Features

While the Rogue Sport's active safety features work to prevent accidents from occurring, its passive safety features are designed to protect occupants in the event of a collision. These include:

  • Advanced air bag system: The Rogue Sport has a sophisticated air bag system that provides dual-stage front air bags, seat-mounted side-impact air bags for the front seats, and roof-mounted curtain air bags covering both rows of seating. The system also features sensors that can detect the size and position of the front-seat occupants to optimize air bag deployment and minimize the risk of air bag-related injuries.
  • Reinforced body structure: The vehicle's body is engineered with a high-strength steel frame and strategically placed crumple zones that absorb and dissipate the energy of a collision, helping to protect the occupants. The front and rear suspension systems are also designed to help manage impact forces, further enhancing the Rogue Sport's crashworthiness.
  • Whiplash-reducing front seats: The front seats feature an advanced structure that helps cradle the occupant's head and neck, minimizing the sudden forward-and-backward motion that can cause whiplash injuries in rear-end collisions.
  • LATCH child seat anchors: The rear outboard seating positions are equipped with LATCH child seat anchors, making it easy to securely install compatible child safety seats and ensure the safety of your youngest passengers.

Integration of Safety With Vehicle Design and Technology

The 2024 Rogue Sport's safety features integrate with the vehicle's overall design and technology, creating a cohesive and intuitive driving experience. Other compact SUV safety features include:

  • Tire pressure monitoring system: This system continuously checks the air pressure in each tire. If it detects a significantly underinflated tire, it illuminates a warning light, helping to maintain optimal tire performance and safety.
  • Vehicle Dynamic Control: This system constantly monitors various vehicle sensors and can automatically apply individual wheel brakes and adjust engine power to help prevent understeer, oversteer, and loss of traction, allowing you to maintain control in challenging situations.
  • Hill-start assist and brake assist: Hill-start assist prevents the vehicle from rolling backward on steep inclines by briefly holding the brakes as you transition from the brake pedal to the accelerator. Brake assist helps you apply maximum braking force in emergencies, even if you don't press the pedal down, potentially reducing stopping distances and the risk of a collision.
  • Nissan Connect Services: This suite of connected services includes features such as automatic collision notification and a stolen vehicle locator.

Experience the Safety of the 2024 Rogue Sport

The 2024 Nissan Rogue Sport is a testament to Nissan's dedication to creating vehicles that prioritize the safety and well-being of their occupants. If you're looking for a vehicle that combines style, performance, and uncompromising safety, come and experience the 2024 Nissan Rogue Sport firsthand. Visit Tracy Nissan's inventory to explore our selection of Rogue Sport models and schedule a test drive or discuss financing options. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to demonstrate the vehicle's advanced safety features and answer any questions you may have. Call us at 209-820-6000 or complete our secure online form to get started.

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What are the closest airports to Tracy, California?

Tracy, California, is strategically positioned within the Greater Bay Area, making it an ideal locale for travelers. Whether you're planning a business trip, a family vacation, or a quick weekend getaway, knowing the closest airports can make your travel planning much smoother. This guide will take you through the nearest airports to Tracy, helping you to find the best and most convenient options for your next flight. Let's explore these gateways that keep Tracy connected to the rest of the country and beyond.

Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK)

Just a stone's throw from Tracy, Stockton Metropolitan Airport serves as a convenient hub for residents looking to escape the larger, more congested airports. Primarily offering domestic flights, it's perfect for those seeking a quick and easy start to their travels. The airport is less crowded, meaning shorter lines and less hassle before your flight. With daily flights to major cities like Las Vegas and Phoenix, it’s a great choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Modesto City-County Airport (MOD)

About a 30-minute drive from Tracy, Modesto City-County Airport provides an easy, laid-back flying experience. This airport offers service for private and corporate flights only.

Livermore Municipal Airport (LVK)

Livermore Municipal Airport, primarily serving general aviation, is another great option for Tracy residents. Although it doesn’t offer commercial service, it is ideal for private pilots and those flying in on private or corporate jets. Its proximity to Tracy makes it a convenient choice for quick departures and arrivals.

Hayward Executive Airport (HWD)

Located within a reasonable driving distance from Tracy, Hayward Executive Airport caters to business travelers with its excellent facilities for corporate aviation. This airport is perfectly suited for those flying in on private business jets, offering high-quality services and amenities that cater to the needs of busy professionals.

San José Mineta International Airport (SJC)

For those looking for more flight options, San José Mineta International Airport is a larger and busier alternative, albeit just outside the 30-minute drive window. It offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, making it a viable option for Tracy residents who don’t mind a bit longer of a drive to access more comprehensive flight schedules and destinations.

Napa County Airport (APC)

Napa County Airport is another general aviation airport accessible to Tracy residents. It’s an excellent choice for those using private planes or charter services. Located in the beautiful Napa Valley, it also offers unique opportunities for scenic flights and wine country tours.

Oakland International (OAK)

Although just over the 30-minute mark, Oakland International Airport is an important mention for its accessibility and the variety of flights it offers. As the closest major airport, it serves numerous domestic and international destinations, providing Tracy residents with more options for their travel plans.

Tracy’s Access to Air Travel

Tracy’s strategic location offers the advantage of multiple nearby airports, making air travel both accessible and convenient. Whether you choose the close and cozy Stockton Metropolitan Airport for a quick domestic flight or opt for the broader offerings of San José or Oakland International Airports, you have a variety of options to suit your travel needs. Next time you plan your journey, remember that Tracy Nissan is ready to help you get to any of these airports with ease, offering reliable vehicles that make every trip start smoothly. Safe travels as you explore beyond the horizon.

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2024 Nissan Frontier vs. Nissan Titan

Are you in the market for a powerful and reliable pickup truck? Look no further because we've got the 2024 Nissan Frontier and Titan ready for an epic Tracy Nissan showdown. These two formidable trucks offer a range of features and capabilities to suit your unique lifestyle and needs, whether hauling heavy loads, embarking on off-road adventures, or simply seeking a comfortable daily driver in the Tracy, California, area. Check out the Frontier versus Titan features before you schedule your test drive.

Key Comparisons Between the 2024 Nissan Frontier and Titan

Let's explore the Frontier vs. Titan features to help you determine which is best for you.

Performance and Capability: Frontier vs. Titan

The Nissan Frontier and Titan bring their A games regarding performance and capability. The 2024 Nissan Frontier boasts a 310-horsepower, 3.8-liter V-6 engine, while the Titan flexes its muscles with a 400-horsepower, 5.6-liter V-8. The 2024 Nissan Titan takes the lead in towing capacity, with a maximum of 9,290 pounds compared to the Frontier's 6,640 pounds. In contrast, the Frontier offers better fuel efficiency, earning up to 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway, compared to the Titan's 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway.

Both trucks have advanced drivetrain options, including four-wheel and rear-wheel drives, ensuring optimal traction and control in various driving conditions. The Frontier's smaller size and turning radius make it more maneuverable in tight spots, while the Titan's larger dimensions provide a commanding presence on the road.

The Titan's superior towing capacity and horsepower may be the deciding factor for those who frequently tackle challenging terrain or haul heavy loads. On the other hand, if you prioritize fuel efficiency and maneuverability, the Frontier's impressive fuel ratings and tighter turning radius may be more appealing.

Interior Comfort and Convenience: Frontier vs. Titan

Step inside these trucks, and you'll find inviting interiors designed for comfort and convenience. The Titan offers more headroom and legroom for passengers in the extended cab, making it the ideal choice for those who frequently transport family or friends. The Frontier provides ample cargo space, ranging from 40.1 to 49.6 cubic feet, perfect for hauling gear or supplies for your next project.

Both models have advanced technology and infotainment features to keep you connected and entertained on the road. From intuitive touch screens to premium audio systems, the Frontier and Titan ensure every journey is enjoyable and hassle-free.

Both trucks offer a range of comfort and convenience features, such as dual-zone automatic climate control, heated and ventilated front seats, and premium leather upholstery. The Titan's higher trim levels may offer a more luxurious experience, but the Frontier's well-appointed interior is nothing to scoff at, especially considering its lower price point.

Exterior Design and Utility: Frontier vs. Titan

The Frontier and Titan make bold statements on the exterior with their rugged designs. The Frontier is more compact and maneuverable, with a length ranging from 210.2 to 224.1 inches, while the Titan is larger and more imposing, measuring 228.2 to 229.5 inches in length. Both trucks offer a variety of stylish trim levels to match your taste as well as bed lengths and payload capacities to accommodate your specific needs.

The Titan's wider dimensions provide increased stability and a more commanding presence on the road, while the Frontier's slimmer profile allows for easier navigation through crowded streets or parking lots. With their durable construction and advanced safety features, both trucks are built to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

The Frontier and Titan offer a range of bed lengths and configurations to suit your needs. The Frontier's bed lengths range from 5 feet to 6 feet, while the Titan offers 5.5 feet, 6.5 feet, and 8 feet bed lengths. Both trucks also provide innovative cargo management systems, such as the Utili-track Channel System, allowing easy securing and organizing of your gear.

The Titan's larger size and higher payload capacity may be more suitable for those who frequently haul heavy loads or require more space for their equipment. However, the Frontier's more compact dimensions can be advantageous when navigating tight job sites or crowded city streets. Ultimately, the choice will depend on your specific work or leisure requirements.

Why Tracy Nissan is Your Go-To For Nissan Trucks

The Frontier has the edge on value and cost of ownership with a lower starting MSRP of $30,510 compared to the Titan's starting MSRP of $46,690. This makes the Frontier a more budget-friendly option for those seeking a reliable and capable Nissan pickup truck. Both trucks offer competitive maintenance and repair costs, strong resale values, and reliability ratings, ensuring your investment will pay off in the long run.

At Tracy Nissan, we take pride in being your premier destination for Nissan trucks. Our extensive inventory features a wide selection of new Nissan Frontier and Titan models, ensuring you'll find the perfect truck to match your needs and preferences. Our knowledgeable sales staff is dedicated to guiding you through your truck-buying journey, providing expert advice and personalized recommendations.

We also offer competitive pricing and flexible financing options to make your dream truck a reality. Our state-of-the-art service and maintenance facilities are equipped to keep your Nissan truck running at peak performance for years.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, offering ongoing support and assistance throughout the life of your vehicle. Whether you need routine maintenance, repairs, or accessories, our team of certified technicians and parts specialists is here to help.

We understand that buying a new truck is a significant investment, so we go above and beyond to ensure you make an informed decision. Our transparent pricing, comprehensive warranty options, and exceptional customer service set us apart. When you choose Tracy Nissan, you can trust that you're getting the best value for your money and a partner who'll be with you every step.

Tailoring Your Pickup Choice: Frontier Vs. Titan

There's no clear winner in the Nissan Frontier versus Titan battle; it all depends on your specific needs and preferences. The Frontier excels in fuel efficiency, maneuverability, and value, while the Titan dominates in towing capacity, interior space, and power. The best way to decide is to experience both trucks for yourself. Schedule a test drive today at Tracy Nissan at 3195 N. Naglee Road in Tracy, California. Call us at 209-821-2688 or complete our secure online form to get started. Our team is ready to answer your questions.

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2024 Nissan Versa Fuel Efficiency

Maximize Your Miles: Discover the 2024 Nissan Versa's Fuel Efficiency at Tracy Nissan

Are you searching for economical cars with exceptional fuel efficiency, true affordability, and proven reliability? Look no further than the 2024 Nissan Versa, now available at Tracy Nissan. This compact sedan is designed to cater to the needs of budget-conscious and environmentally aware drivers, offering an unbeatable combination of impressive fuel economy, comfort, and style. Our Tracy Nissan team in Tracy, California, invites you to discover the 2024 Nissan Versa's fuel efficiency before scheduling a test drive.

Features of the 2024 Nissan Versa

The 2024 Nissan Versa is a small sedan with a generous cargo area and plenty of features for its appealing price. You can find it in four trims: the S with manual transmission, the S with automatic transmission, the SV, and the SR. Some of the standard features of the base S trim include:

  • Three USB ports.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Push-button start.
  • A four-speaker sound system.
  • A 7-inch touch screen.
  • A 12-volt household-style outlet.
  • 15-inch steel wheels.

The S+ package upgrades you to attractive 16-inch alloy wheels and adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto plus a folding 60/40-split rear seat for various cargo and passenger configurations.

The SV adds heated exterior mirrors, upgraded cloth upholstery, wireless charging and 16-inch alloy wheels. The top-of-the-line SR has a leather-wrapped steering wheel, unique upholstery, heated front seats, automatic climate control, a rear spoiler, LED headlights, fog lights, and 17-inch alloy wheels. You can also get a six-speaker stereo system and an 8-inch touch screen on the SR.

The Nissan Versa has several standard safety and driver-assistance features, including automatic high beams, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection. The SV adds blind-spot warning with rear cross-traffic alert, while the SR also adds adaptive cruise control.

Unveiling the 2024 Nissan Versa's Fuel Economy

The 2024 Nissan Versa boasts impressive EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings, making it a top choice for those seeking to minimize fuel expenses and reduce harmful pollutants. Each trim level features a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 122 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque. The base trim features a standard five-speed manual transmission with an optional continuously variable transmission (CVT), which comes standard on the SV and SR.

With a CVT, the Versa achieves up to 32 mpg in the city and an impressive 40 mpg on the highway. These figures testify to Nissan's commitment to impressively engineered vehicles, prioritizing efficiency without compromising performance.

The Nissan Versa MPG  is attributed to several factors, including its lightweight and aerodynamic design. By reducing the vehicle's overall weight and optimizing its shape to minimize wind resistance, Nissan has created a sedan that seems to effortlessly glide through the air, requiring less fuel to maintain its momentum. The result is an economical car that saves time and money at the pump and reduces its environmental impact.

The 2024 Nissan Versa offers fuel efficiency, affordable pricing, and competitive warranties. Our knowledgeable sales team in Tracy, California, is dedicated to providing a stress-free buying experience, ensuring you find the perfect Versa to suit your needs and budget. We believe owning a fuel-efficient vehicle should be accessible to everyone, and we strive to make that a reality at Tracy Nissan.

Why Tracy Nissan Recommends the Versa for Efficiency Seekers

Under the hood of the 2024 Nissan Versa lies a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers a balanced blend of power and efficiency. With 122 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque, the Versa provides a responsive and engaging driving experience. Whether you opt for the five-speed manual transmission or the smooth-shifting CVT, you can expect precise acceleration and nimble handling no matter where you're driving.

The Versa's suspension system is tuned to provide a comfortable and composed ride, easily absorbing bumps and imperfections in the road. The accurate steering and consistent brake-pedal feedback instill confidence in the driver, making the Versa a pleasure to navigate city streets and winding roads.

Driving Further for Less With the Nissan Versa

One of the most compelling reasons to choose the 2024 Nissan Versa is its significant fuel expense savings. With its exceptional fuel efficiency, the Versa allows you to cover more miles on a single tank of gas, thereby reducing the frequency of visits to the pump. Over time, these savings can add up substantially, making the Versa a smart financial choice no matter your driving needs.

Driving a Versa saves money on fuel and contributes to a cleaner environment. By consuming less fuel, the Versa emits fewer harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. As more drivers opt for fuel-efficient vehicles such as the Versa, we can collectively work toward a more sustainable future.

With a starting price of just $16,390, the 2024 Nissan Versa is affordable for those seeking a reliable and efficient vehicle. At Tracy Nissan, we're able to offer competitive financing options and lease deals, making it easier than ever for you to get behind the wheel of a new Versa. Our dedicated finance team is here to guide you through the process and help you find the best financing solution to fit your budget.

Experience the Versa at Tracy Nissan

The best way to appreciate the fuel efficiency and driving dynamics of the 2024 Nissan Versa is to experience it for yourself. We invite you to visit Tracy Nissan and schedule a test drive to get behind the wheel of this remarkable sedan.  Here you can enjoy our Tracy Nissan savings to get you into the Nissan of your dreams. Whether you're looking for the base S with manual transmission or the top-of-the-line SR with all the bells and whistles, we have you covered. Call us at 209-820-6000 or complete our secure online form to get started.

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Best Brunch Spots in Tracy, CA

Tracy, CA, a charming city nestled in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, is not only known for its scenic beauty and vibrant community but also for its burgeoning culinary scene. Among the many dining experiences to be had, brunch in Tracy stands out as a weekend ritual that locals and visitors alike cherish. From cozy cafes offering classic breakfast fare to innovative eateries serving up brunch with a twist, Tracy's brunch spots are a testament to the city's diverse and delicious dining options.
Let's embark on a culinary journey to explore the best brunch spots in Tracy, CA, all within an hour’s drive, ensuring your next weekend outing is both tasty and memorable.

Central Coffee Co.

Central Coffee Co. is Tracy's hidden gem, where coffee meets creativity in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Known for their expertly crafted lattes and hearty breakfast plates, this cafe is the perfect spot to start your day or enjoy a leisurely brunch. The menu features everything from waffles to omelets and breakfast sandwiches, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Town & Country Cafe

Town & Country Cafe is a favorite among Tracy residents for its vibrant ambiance and extensive menu that caters to all tastes. Whether you're in the mood for sweet French toast drizzled with maple syrup or a savory benedict with perfectly poached eggs, Town & Country Cafe has you covered. Their outdoor seating area provides a delightful setting for enjoying your meal under the California sun.

Mimosa's Cafe

As the name suggests, Mimosa's Cafe specializes in adding a festive touch to brunch with their signature mimosas and a wide array of breakfast and lunch options. Their menu boasts creative dishes that blend classic brunch elements with global flavors, ensuring there's always something new to try. Don't forget to indulge in their freshly baked pastries, a perfect complement to any brunch plate.

Hashes & Brews

Hashes & Brews combines the best of both worlds, offering a stellar selection of craft beers and ciders to accompany your Irish brunch favorites. This spot is ideal for those who appreciate the art of pairing their meal with the perfect drink. The menu features both traditional brunch items and unique creations, all served in a laid-back, friendly environment.

A Toast to Tracy's Brunch Scene

Tracy, CA, may be modest in size, but its brunch scene is anything but. With a delightful mix of cozy cafes, innovative eateries, and classic diners, the city offers a brunch spot to suit every preference and palate. Whether you're looking to indulge in a leisurely meal with family, catch up with friends over coffee, or simply enjoy a solo brunch outing, Tracy's culinary landscape has something special in store for you.

And for those looking to explore Tracy and its surrounding areas in comfort and style, Tracy Nissan provides a selection of new Nissan vehicles that are perfect for any foodie adventure. So next time you're pondering where to brunch in Tracy, remember that a world of flavors awaits you in this vibrant city.

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What is Nissan Safety Shield 360?

Nissan's commitment to automotive safety is showcased through its comprehensive Safety Shield 360 suite. This innovative technology is designed to enhance the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. In this blog post, we will delve into the key features of the Nissan Safety Shield 360 and explore how Tracy Nissan in Tracy, CA, can help you experience these features firsthand in their new Nissan inventory.

What is Nissan Safety Shield 360?

Nissan Safety Shield 360 is a bundle of six advanced active safety and driver-assist technologies that aim to provide a 360-degree safety net around your vehicle. This suite is part of Nissan's vision to help protect drivers from potential hazards on the road, making driving a safer and more secure experience.

Key Features of Nissan Safety Shield 360

The six key components of the Nissan Safety Shield 360 include:

    • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection: This feature monitors your speed and the distance between your vehicle and the car ahead, ready to apply the brakes to help avoid or mitigate a frontal collision. It also recognizes pedestrians and can brake automatically if a pedestrian is detected in your path.
    • Rear Automatic Braking: When reversing, this system helps detect stationary objects you might not see. If an imminent collision is detected, the system can engage the brakes automatically to avoid a collision.
    • Rear Cross Traffic Alert: This technology helps you back out of a parking space more safely. It detects vehicles approaching from either side and alerts you, helping to prevent accidents from occurring.
    • Blind Spot Warning: By monitoring the blind spot areas adjacent to your vehicle, this feature alerts you if a vehicle is detected, providing safer lane changes.
    • Lane Departure Warning: This system helps ensure you stay in your lane. If it detects that you're drifting out of your lane without signaling, it alerts you to help you steer back to the correct position.
    • High Beam Assist: This feature automatically toggles between high and low beams depending on the lighting conditions and oncoming traffic, ensuring optimal visibility without dazzling other drivers.

Experience Nissan Safety Shield 360 at Tracy Nissan

At Tracy Nissan, located conveniently in Tracy, CA, we are proud to offer a wide range of new Nissan models equipped with the latest Safety Shield 360 technology. Whether you're interested in the robust Nissan Titan, the sleek Nissan Altima, or the family-friendly Nissan Rogue, our new inventory is sure to have a vehicle that meets your needs and includes these state-of-the-art safety features.

Why Choose Tracy Nissan?

Choosing Tracy Nissan means not only accessing a top-tier selection of new Nissan vehicles but also enjoying a customer-first service experience. Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through every step of your automotive journey, from choosing the right model to applying for financing with ease. We understand that purchasing a vehicle is a significant decision, and our team is dedicated to making your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Ready to Learn More or Get Started?

We invite you to visit Tracy Nissan today to explore our new Nissan inventory and learn more about the innovative Safety Shield 360 technology. If you have any questions or need assistance with vehicle financing, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is eager to help you find the perfect Nissan vehicle that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations in safety and performance.

Nissan Safety Shield 360 is more than just a set of features; it's a commitment to your safety on the road. At Tracy Nissan in Tracy, CA, we're excited to help you discover how these technologies can enhance your driving experience. Visit us today to take the first step towards owning a safer, more connected vehicle.

Remember, your safety is our priority, and with Nissan Safety Shield 360, you're covered from every angle.

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2024 Nissan Titan Towing Capacity

2024 TITAN Towing Capacity at Tracy Nissan in Tracy, California

Since the Nissan TITAN was introduced a little more than 20 years ago, customers have come to love so many things about it. For instance, they appreciate this pickup truck's performance with its 5.6-liter V-8 engine that produces up to 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque. They also love that the Nissan TITAN includes one of the most comfortable front seats in a modern pickup truck and an impressive towing capacity, which you'll learn more about as you read on.

The 2024 Nissan TITAN is one of the most powerful pickup trucks on the road today, which is why you should check out the models we have available in our Tracy, California, inventory. Before you do, though, why not learn more about its towing capacity and the heavy-duty towing it can deliver? Read on to see what makes the TITAN such a trusted towing machine.

Unleashing the Power: 2024 Nissan TITAN Towing Capabilities

All 2024 Nissan TITAN trims can tow their fair share of weight without issues. However, the maximum 2024 TITAN towing capacity will change based on which specific model you decide to buy. Be mindful of this as you search through our inventory at Tracy Nissan, and keep an eye out for the TITAN that can set you up with the maximum towing capacity you need.

At the very least, you'll find that the 2024 TITAN towing capacity will come in at around 9,240 pounds. However, you can also find certain 2024 TITAN models with much higher towing capacities. The top-tier 2024 Nissan TITAN XD trim can tow up to 10,900 pounds when it comes to conventional trailers and up to 11,050 pounds with a gooseneck hitch setup.

Besides offering an impressive towing capacity, the 2024 Nissan TITAN also has a hard-to-beat maximum payload compared to other powerful pickup trucks in its class. Advanced TITAN trims can top out at 2,360 pounds of maximum payload.

Engineered for Strength: The TITAN's Performance Features

The 2024 TITAN's towing capacity is high for good reason. In fact, the Nissan TITAN performance features found in this truck allow it to engage in heavy-duty towing. It all starts with the engine under the TITAN's hood. Every TITAN trim comes with the same 5.6-liter V-8 engine that churns out up to 400 horsepower. It makes the TITAN strong enough to tow well over 10,000 pounds in most instances.

But the 2024 Nissan TITAN performance features don't stop there. In addition to having a powerful V-8 engine, the newest TITAN also has a reinforced double-wishbone front suspension that provides best-in-class handling along with upgraded rear differentials that can handle almost any heavy load you might throw at it. It has durable 13.8-inch front and 13.6-inch rear four-wheel ventilated disc brakes that can slow down any heavy loads it might be towing around.

As if all that wasn't enough, the 2024 Nissan TITAN is also equipped with an extra-strong steel ladder-style frame that won't start to wither when you begin using your pickup truck to do heavy-duty towing. Your TITAN truck will stand the test of time due in large part to the strength and durability of its underlying frame.

Why Choose the 2024 TITAN for Your Towing Needs?

The 2024 TITAN's towing capacity is just one reason you should rely on this pickup truck for all your towing needs. There are many additional towing tech features that you can add to any 2024 Nissan TITAN to make the most of the pickup truck's impressive towing capabilities.

The Remote Trailer Light Check is just one of the many great towing features in the 2024 Nissan TITAN. Once you hook up a trailer to a 2024 TITAN, this feature will enable you to use either your Nissan Intelligent Key or the Nissan Advanced Drive-Assist Display in the truck's cabin to check on all your trailer lights. The 2024 TITAN is also outfitted with either a standard Rear View Monitor or an optional Intelligent Around View Monitor that will help you see what's going on behind you while backing up with a trailer attached to your truck.

Other useful towing tech features in the 2024 TITAN include the following:

  • Trailer Sway Control: This tech feature keeps your trailer attached to your TITAN in windy weather and on poorly maintained roads.
  • Trailer Brake Controller: It allows you to adjust your TITAN's brake bias based on the size of a load being towed.
  • Tow-Haul Mode with Downhill Speed Control: This helps you avoid having to search for the right gears when towing a heavy load downhill.

These helpful towing tech features, along with the 2024 TITAN towing capacity, make this one of the most powerful pickup trucks for those looking for a vehicle that will make it possible to carry out any work-related task. At the same time, it makes the 2024 TITAN an ideal choice for weekend warriors who want to use it for home improvement projects as well as daily drives to and from work. It's a very versatile truck with many practical uses for a wide range of people.

Discover the 2024 TITAN at Tracy Nissan

Our inventory at Tracy Nissan includes 2024 Nissan TITAN models that are sure to impress those needing a pickup truck for heavy-duty towing. We also have a very knowledgeable sales staff that can provide you with more information on the 2024 TITAN towing capacity and the available financing options. It won't take long to see why many of our customers have delivered glowing testimonials about the great experiences they've had with us.

Are you interested in test-driving a 2024 Nissan TITAN so you can see what it can do for yourself? Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

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Best Concerts in Tracy, CA

Best Concerts in Tracy, CA

Tracy, CA, is quickly becoming a hotspot for live music enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of California's , this vibrant community is home to an eclectic mix of musical events, ranging from intimate acoustic sessions to large-scale concerts and festivals. With a variety of venues hosting live music throughout the year, residents and visitors alike have ample opportunity to enjoy performances spanning all genres. Whether you're a fan of rock, country, jazz, or pop, Tracy's music scene has something to offer for everyone. Let's dive into some of the most anticipated concerts and showcase festivals happening in and around Tracy, CA, all within a 30-minute drive, ensuring you won't have to venture far to experience great live music.

Dropkick Murphys at San Jose Civic

The Dropkick Murphys are bringing their energetic blend of punk rock and Celtic folk to the San Jose Civic. Known for their raucous live shows, this band promises an unforgettable night of sing-alongs, mosh pits, and a strong sense of community. Fans can expect to hear classics as well as tracks from their latest album, making this a must-attend event for anyone looking for a high-energy concert experience.

Ralph Barbosa at SAP Center At San Jose

Comedy meets music with Ralph Barbosa's upcoming performance at the SAP Center At San Jose. While primarily known for his stand-up, Barbosa's shows often incorporate musical elements that add a unique layer to his already engaging sets. This event is perfect for those looking to enjoy a night of laughter and tunes.

Shane Gillis at Paramount Theatre-Oakland

Shane Gillis is set to take the stage at the Paramount Theatre-Oakland, offering a blend of comedy and musical performance. Gillis's humor, combined with his musical guests, provides a dynamic show that's sure to entertain. This event is ideal for those who appreciate comedy with a side of musical flair.

Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, and Primus at The Greek Theatre Berkeley

A triple-header featuring Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, and Primus at The Greek Theatre Berkeley is a dream come true for fans of alternative and progressive rock. Each band brings a unique sound and stage presence, promising a night of diverse musical exploration. The outdoor setting of The Greek Theatre adds to the ambiance, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

Willie Nelson at The Greek Theatre Berkeley

The legendary Willie Nelson is set to perform at The Greek Theatre Berkeley, bringing his iconic voice and timeless hits to the stage. This concert is a rare opportunity to see one of country music's most enduring figures perform live. Nelson's storytelling and guitar playing are not to be missed, making this event a highlight for country music fans.

Men I Trust at Oakland Arena

Indie pop band Men I Trust is bringing their dreamy soundscapes to the Oakland Arena. Known for their smooth melodies and soothing vocals, this concert is perfect for fans looking to enjoy a laid-back evening of music. Their performance is sure to captivate with its ethereal quality and engaging stage presence.

Two Door Cinema Club at Fox Theater

Indie rock enthusiasts won't want to miss Two Door Cinema Club's performance at the Fox Theater. Known for their infectious energy and catchy tunes, this concert promises to be a lively event filled with dancing and sing-alongs. It's an ideal outing for those looking to experience the vibrant indie music scene.

Avril Lavigne at Shoreline Amphitheatre

Pop punk icon Avril Lavigne is set to rock the Shoreline Amphitheatre, bringing her signature blend of pop melodies and punk attitude. Fans can look forward to a nostalgic trip down memory lane as well as new hits from her latest releases. This concert is a must-see for anyone who grew up with Lavigne's music or is a fan of the pop punk genre.

Zach Bryan at RingCentral Coliseum

Emerging country artist Zach Bryan is making a stop at the RingCentral Coliseum, showcasing his heartfelt lyrics and raw vocal style. Bryan's authentic storytelling and acoustic-driven songs offer a refreshing take on the country genre. This concert is perfect for those seeking a genuine and emotional music experience.

HAUSER at The Mountain Winery

For a night of classical crossover, don't miss HAUSER's performance at The Mountain Winery. Known for his dynamic cello renditions of popular songs and classical pieces, HAUSER's concert promises an evening of exquisite musicianship and dramatic flair. This event is ideal for classical music lovers and those looking to enjoy a sophisticated musical outing.
In conclusion, Tracy, CA, and its surrounding areas are bustling with a diverse array of concerts and music festivals, catering to all tastes and preferences. From punk rock to classical crossover, the local music scene is vibrant and thriving, offering something for everyone. As we've explored some of the most anticipated concerts happening near Tracy, it's clear that music lovers have plenty to look forward to. And for those in need of a reliable ride to these exciting events, Tracy Nissan is ready to get you there in style and comfort. Whether you're a local resident or just visiting, Tracy's concert scene is sure to offer an unforgettable musical experience.

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2024 Nissan Versa Advanced Features

The Nissan Versa is a compact sedan that offers excellent value, fuel efficiency, and strong safety ratings. This small sedan is a standout in its class with a well-equipped cabin, room for five adults, and robust technology, including a long list of standard and available safety features. Here's a closer look at what you'll get with the 2024 Nissan Versa to help keep you safe on Tracy roads.

The Comprehensive Suite of Safety Features in the 2024 Nissan Versa

The long list of safety systems that are either standard or available on the 2024 Nissan Versa includes both active driver-assist systems and passive features that work behind the scenes to keep you safe. The latest Versa has more safety technologies, including Nissan Safety Shield 360, than other sedans in its class.

Advanced Driver-Assist Systems

Safety features on the 2024 Nissan Versa include everything in the Nissan Safety Shield 360 suite. This bundle protects the Versa on all sides with a variety of technologies.

Automatic Emergency Braking With Pedestrian Detection

The automatic emergency braking system with pedestrian detection will provide the driver with audio and visual alerts to let them know if there is a potential collision with the vehicle in front of them. If they don't apply the brakes, the Versa will do it for them. When the Versa detects a pedestrian in a crosswalk, it will stop the car right in its tracks.

Lane Departure Warning

This system provides a warning to the driver if they are drifting too close to the edge of their lane of travel when the turn signal is not activated.

Rear Automatic Braking

Rear automatic braking uses cameras at the rear of the vehicle to detect stationary objects that the driver might miss. It will send an audio and visual alert to the driver so they can stop and apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

High Beam Assist

High beam assist helps the driver see better at night by automatically switching between high and low beams when it senses oncoming traffic.

Blind-Spot Warning

The blind-spot warning system can detect a vehicle in the Versa's blind spot. It will send an audio alert to let the driver know when something is there so they don't change lanes.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

The rear cross-traffic alert system helps drivers back out of parking spots with more confidence by alerting them when cars approach out of their line of sight.

Rearview Monitor

The rearview monitor uses cameras mounted at the rear of the Versa to provide a view of what's behind the car. The center display screen gives the driver a crisp, clear view so they can keep an eye on what is behind them.

In addition to these standard safety systems that come with every trim level of the 2024 Nissan Versa, Nissan's intelligent cruise control system is also available. This feature uses a system of cameras and sensors to measure the distance between the Versa and the vehicle in front of it. Then, it controls the acceleration and braking to maintain a set distance from that vehicle. It will automatically adjust the distance according to the speed you and the vehicle in front of you are traveling, up to the speed you initially set.

The intelligent driver alertness system monitors the driver's steering patterns. If it detects a change, it could be an indication that the driver is getting drowsy. The system will send an alert with an audible chime and a light that looks like a coffee cup.

Passive Safety Systems

The 2024 Nissan Versa has a long list of passive Nissan safety technologies, including the Nissan advanced air bag system, which includes dual-stage supplemental air bags in the front with sensors in the seat belts. It also has side-impact air bags, knee air bags for both the driver and front-seat passenger, and roof-mounted side-impact air bags for both the front and back-seat passengers.

The Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children system for car seats comes standard in the Versa. There are two complete sets of connectors for the outboard rear seats and a tether anchor for the middle seat. The Versa also helps keep kids safe with standard child safety rear door locks to help prevent children from opening the doors, and lockout buttons for the power windows.

An anti-lock braking system comes with every Nissan Versa, along with electronic brake force distribution. The Versa also has a tire pressure monitoring system with easy fill alert. If the tire pressure is not correct, a light will appear on the driver information display. When you stop to fill the tire, the easy-fill alert system helps make sure you get the correct pressure by sounding the horn to let you know when you've reached the optimal pressure.

Safety Design Features of the 2024 Nissan Versa

Nissan designed the 2024 Versa with zone body construction. This means that it has both front and rear crumple zones to help absorb the impact in the event of a collision. This design will protect passengers from most of the impact.

It also features hood buckling creases and safety stops. This design feature controls how the hood deforms during a frontal collision to prevent it from being forced into the passenger space of the vehicle. If you're looking for a small but safe car, you can't beat the Nissan Versa.

Want To Find Out More About the New Versa Safety Features?

The 2024 Nissan Versa packs a lot of safety into a small package. Nissan is dedicated to providing their drivers with the safest cars on the road. From advanced systems to design elements and passive safety features, count on the Versa to keep you safe. Find out more about how these systems work and take a test drive to try them out yourself when you come to Tracy Nissan. Give us a call at the dealership today or stop by. One of our sales team will be happy to answer your questions.

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2024 Nissan Rogue Cargo and Passenger Space

The 2024 Nissan Rogue checks all the boxes for drivers in the Tracy area looking for both comfort and practicality in their SUV. The interior of the 2024 Rogue is both spacious and comfortable, providing an oasis for families or travelers hitting the road. The passenger space is more than enough to allow passengers to stretch out and relax, while the cargo area boasts plenty of room for suitcases, sports gear, groceries, and more. The Rogue gives drivers an unsurpassed combination of versatility and comfort, which makes this SUV the perfect fit for many.

Take a closer look at the 2024 Nissan Rogue's cargo and passenger space to understand what makes this roomy SUV a family-friendly, travel-ready vehicle.

Interior Dimensions and Features

One of the main reasons why drivers buy an SUV over a sedan is the need for more space. Families want to be able to stretch out with plenty of room for passengers in the front and back, and there needs to be enough space for the passengers' belongings as well. Travelers heading out on a road trip need plenty of storage capacity for luggage and bags to ensure that long hauls on the highway are convenient and comfortable. The 2024 Nissan Rogue delivers on all accounts when it comes to providing enough elbow room for everyone.

The 2024 Rogue offers a generous 105.4 cubic feet of passenger space. Breaking this down a bit further, you'll find the front headroom is 39.2 inches, while the front legroom is 41.5 inches. This offers plenty of room for the driver and front-seat passenger to relax in comfort without feeling cramped.

A unique aspect seen in the Rogue is the generous amount of space available to passengers in the back. Rear headroom is 37.8 inches, and the rear legroom is 38.5 inches. Unlike many SUVs that sacrifice when it comes to rear seating, passengers in the back of the Rogue won't feel squished or crowded.

It's not just the space that sets the 2024 Rogue apart from its competitors. Thoughtful interior features help elevate this SUV into a class of its own. For example, a pass-through storage area below the center console is the perfect place to store smaller items. The console also features a butterfly-style opening, which makes it easy to hand things back and forth between the front and rear passengers. The second-row seating features versatile 60/40 split-folding and reclining functionality, making it easy to customize the passenger and cargo space according to your needs.

Cargo Space

While the 2024 Rogue offers plenty of room for passengers, it doesn't skimp when it comes to cargo. When all the seats are fully upright, drivers benefit from up to 36.5 cubic feet of storage space. That means you'll have an abundant area for all your gear, even with a cabin full of passengers. For those times when you need even more capacity, folding the rear seats will deliver up to 74.1 cubic feet of space.

This versatility and abundance of space means you can count on using your Rogue for all your travel and hauling needs. The rearmost section of the vehicle is even more practical than ever, thanks to some key features. Accessing the cargo area is a snap with an available power liftgate. A motion-activated power liftgate is optional on higher trim levels. There's also the available Divide-N-Hide system, which provides hidden, secure storage for small items below the trunk floor. This unique system also allows drivers to select a fully flat load floor or a lower floor position for increased load height.

Drivers will also find a thoughtful molded-in area on the inner right side of the cargo zone behind the wheel arch that's designed to hold items securely in place, eliminating the dreaded rollout of heavy grocery items when the liftgate is opened. The cargo capacity of the Rogue complements the generous space provided to passengers in the cabin, making for an all-around comfortable and versatile SUV.

How Does This Compare to Competitors?

The compact SUV market is full of excellent options for drivers looking for extra elbow room when they hit the road. The 2024 Rogue is one of the best SUVs on the market when it comes to providing a spacious and comfortable interior that's capable of carrying both passengers and cargo in style. Here's a closer look at how it matches up to some of its top competitors.

The Toyota RAV4 is Toyota's bestselling SUV, and it's another solid contender in the compact SUV market. However, when looking at cargo capacity, the maximum cargo area for the RAV4 is just 69.8 cubic feet, losing over 4 cubic feet of space compared to the Rogue. Total passenger volume is also lower, providing 98.9 cubic feet compared to the Rogue's 105.4 cubic feet.

Another solid competitor in the compact SUV market is the Chevrolet Equinox, which continues to be Chevrolet's top-selling SUV. While it offers a generous amount of space for passengers, its 103.5 cubic feet of passenger volume still comes up short compared to the Rogue's 105.4 cubic feet. Cargo capacity is significantly lower in the Equinox, maxing out at 63.9 cubic feet, which is over 10 cubic feet less than the Rogue.

Experience Superior Space and Comfort

The best way to see just how spacious and comfortable the 2024 Nissan Rogue can be is to come to Tracy Nissan for a test drive. Experience firsthand what a difference it makes to have an SUV that's designed with both comfort and versatility in mind. While you're here, talk to our financing team to discover all our purchase options that will help make taking home a Rogue fit into your budget. The 2024 Nissan Rogue is an impressive family-friendly SUV that will deliver roomy comfort in style.

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2024 Nissan Armada Cargo and Passenger Space

When choosing a new SUV for your family, ample interior space is important. With enough room inside, you can easily haul the kids, the dog, the gear, your buddy's furniture, and more. Enter the Nissan Armada, a robust SUV that doesn't skimp on space or style. We at Tracy Nissan have prepared this guide to the 2024 Nissan Armada interior space and design.

Introduction to the 2024 Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada, first known as the Pathfinder Armada, was introduced in 2003. A large SUV, the Armada effortlessly combines power and refinement. Inside its upscale, comfortable cabin, you and your passengers can relax and enjoy the ride. It has earned its reputation as a versatile and compact SUV. We've been eagerly awaiting news about its cargo and passenger space dimensions in 2024, and we're excited to reveal them here.

Cargo Space Dimensions

The 2024 Nissan Armada offers second-row bench seats and captain's chairs, which affects the interior space a bit. Second-row bench seats are unavailable on the Midnight Edition trim, and captain's chairs are unavailable on the SV trim. The SL and Platinum trims can have second-row bench seats or captain's chairs. With second-row bench seats, the total interior volume is 171.1 cu. ft.. With captain's chairs, it's 169.5 cu. ft..

The Armada's cargo capacity with the second and third rows upright is 16.5 cu. ft. With the second row upright and the third row folded flat, you get 49.9 cu. ft. of cargo capacity. If the second row is folded flat, the cargo capacity is the same regardless of seat type. With the bench seat or captain's chairs, your cargo capacity is 92.6 cu. ft. The innovative under-floor cargo storage also adds private storage space.

Passenger Space Dimensions

The 2024 Nissan Armada comfortably accommodates your passengers on long drives and the interior dimensions remain consistent across all trim levels, except for variances in moonroof options.  With the second-row bench seat, the Armada seats eight. With captain's chairs, it seats seven.


The SV trim is unavailable with a moonroof and has 40.9 in. of headroom. For all other trims, the headroom includes the moonroof and is 39.8 in.. The second row gets 40.0 in. of headroom, and the third row gets 36.4 in..


The front row gets 41.9 in. of legroom, so go ahead and stretch out. The second row comes in at a very close 41 in. of legroom. The third row gets 28.4 in. of legroom.

Hip room

The front row offers 59.2 in. of hip room, and the second row Is nearly the same at 58.4 in.. The third row gets 48.8 in. of hip room.

Shoulder room

Front passengers enjoy 63.8 in. of shoulder room. Again, the space for second-row passengers is almost identical at 63.4 in.. Third-row passengers enjoy 60.5 in. of shoulder room.

Versatility and Seating Configurations

The 2024 Nissan Armada offers versatile seating configurations so you can accommodate passengers and cargo as needed. If you need more cargo space, you can lower the second and third rows. The power-folding third row makes it even easier. With the second-row captain's chairs, you get a bit of central space to store items. The second-row bench seat, which can easily accommodate three passengers, folds down too.

The SV, SL, and Platinum trims have a second-row 60/40-split fold-town bench seat. Captain's chairs are included in the Midnight Edition and available on SL and Platinum trims. A second-row padded center console with cup holders is available for SL and Platinum trims and included in the Midnight Edition. For the third row, a 60/40-split fold-down bench seat is included in SV, SL, and Midnight Edition trims. The Platinum trim gets an added power recline and one-touch folding to the bench seat.

Interior Quality and Materials

The 2024 Nissan Armada offers luxurious comforts inside the cabin. All trim levels come with a 10-way power driver's seat with 2-way lumbar support and an 8-way power passenger's seat with 2-way power lumbar support. The SV, SL, and Midnight Edition trims included heated front seats. Platinum also cools the front seats and heats outboard second-row seats.

The SV trim has lovely leatherette seats, while the SL and Midnight Edition have leather-appointed seats in the first and second rows. The Platinum has quilted leather-appointed seats here. All trims have a leather-wrapped shift knob and leather-wrapped steering wheel, but add heating with the SL and above. Interior trims include silky carbon (SV, Midnight Edition), wood-tone (SL), and Birdseye maple wood-town (Platinum).

Technology and Infotainment

The 2024 Nissan Armada includes standard and available technology to ease your drive and keep your passengers comfortable. These include Tri-zone automatic temperature control, wireless smartphone connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspots, and a Bose premium audio system with AudioPilot. For the driver, a 12.3-in. touchscreen display and the MyNissan app make everything simple and accessible. Features that help keep you safe include intelligent cruise control, intelligent forward collision warning, and the available intelligent around-view monitor.

Against the Competition

Here is how the 2024 Nissan Armada compares to other large SUVs.

2024 Ford Expedition

The Expedition offers 104.6 cu. ft. of cargo space behind the front row. If you push the second-row seats forward, you get 63.6 cu. ft. or 20.9 ft. behind the third row with all seats up. It has 171.9 cu. ft. of passenger space, with 41.5 in. of legroom for second-row passengers and 36.1 in. for third-row passengers.

2024 Chevrolet Tahoe

The Tahoe has 122.9 cu. ft. of cargo space with all rear seats folded, 72.6 cu. ft. with the third row folded, and 25.5 cu. ft. behind an upright third row. Its front-row passengers get 44.5 in. of legroom and 42.3 in. of headroom. Rear passengers get 42.0 in. of legroom and 38.9 in. of headroom.

Ready To Get Behind the Wheel of a 2024 Nissan Armada?

The Nissan Armada is as comfortable as it is rugged, and its luxurious interior is spacious and comfortable. This large SUV is an excellent option for families, friends, and adventurers. We would love to help you find the right 2024 Armada for you. You can even trade in your old vehicle. Come into our showroom to talk to our dedicated, professional staff to learn more and test out the 2024 Nissan Armada.

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2024 Nissan Frontier Towing Capacity

When shopping for a new vehicle, towing capacity might be crucial to you. For our customers who need to haul campers, ATVs, boats, and more, it's important to understand a vehicle's towing capacity before buying it. Towing capacity is the weight your vehicle can pull safely. Towing more weight than your vehicle can handle can be dangerous. It can lead to trailering, swinging and swaying, losing control, or difficulty stopping. Your vehicle's payload is the weight of the cargo and passengers combined, along with other sources of weight, such as a tow ball.

The Nissan Frontier is a popular choice for people looking for a vehicle with a high towing capacity. That's why we at Tracy Nissan have put together this guide to help you decide if the 2024 Nissan Frontier is the right vehicle for you and your towing needs.

2024 Nissan Frontier Towing Capacity

Let's get the big question answered right from the start. When properly equipped, the 2024 Nissan Frontier can tow a maximum of 6,640 pounds. The 2024 Frontier can produce up to 310 horsepower and 218 lb-ft of torque. In short, this is a truck that can get the job done.

Towing Capacity of Every 2024 Nissan Frontier

In this section, we'll break down the towing and payload capacity by trim level, cab style, and drivetrain so you can find the perfect Frontier for your needs.

  • King Cab S 4x2: Maximum towing capacity is 6,640 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,590 pounds.
  • King Cab S 4x4: Maximum towing capacity is 6,480 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,430 pounds.
  • Crew Cab S 4x2: Maximum towing capacity is 6,510 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,460 pounds.
  • Crew Cab S 4x4: Maximum towing capacity is 6,350 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,290 pounds.
  • King Cab SV 4x2: Maximum towing capacity is 6,590 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,620 pounds.
  • King Cab SV 4x4: Maximum towing capacity is 6,480 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,450 pounds.
  • Crew Cab SV 4x2: Maximum towing capacity is 6,460 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,480 pounds.
  • Crew Cab SV 4x4: Maximum towing capacity is 6,350 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,310 pounds.
  • Crew Cab PRO-X 4x2: Maximum towing capacity is 6,410 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,430 pounds.
  • Crew Cab Long Bed SV 4x2: Maximum towing capacity is 6,390 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,300 pounds.
  • Crew Cab Long Bed SV 4x4: Maximum towing capacity is 6,240 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,100 pounds.
  • Crew Cab PRO-4X 4x4: Maximum towing capacity is 6,170 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,220 pounds.
  • Crew Cab SL 4x2: Maximum towing capacity is 6,400 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,300 pounds.
  • Crew Cab SL 4x4: Maximum towing capacity is 6,300 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,150 pounds.
  • Crew Cab Hardbody Edition 4x4: Maximum towing capacity is 6,350 pounds, and maximum payload is 1,310 pounds.

What Can It Tow?

Depending on towing capacity and equipment, the 2024 Frontier can reliably tow many things you'd need for a summer weekend, family road trip, and more. For example, you could tow a ski boat, toy hauler, or flatbed trailer with ATVs. For trucks towing 5,000 pounds or less, small trailers and car dollies are great options. For trucks able to tow fewer than 10,000 pounds, which includes all 2024 Nissan Frontiers, camping trailers and appropriately sized boats are a great fit. Whatever you decide to haul, you must not exceed your vehicle's towing capacity and maximum payload.

Safety Features

Nissan is committed to safety, and the 2024 Frontier is no exception. The 2024 Nissan Frontier is built from the ground up with core and available safety and trailering features.

Standard Features

Every Nissan Frontier comes standard with hill-start assist to help you avoid rolling back on hills. When crosswinds pick up or the road gets windy, trailer sway control helps keep you moving straight, no matter what you're towing.

Available Features

The 2024 Frontier offers features, including driver-selectable four-wheel drive and hill-descent control. Hill-descent control helps keep you in control when going downhill. Intelligent Around View Monitor gives you multiple views, including a wide-angle rearview and a composite overhead view to help you fit through tight spaces. A Tow/Haul mode is also available, including downhill speed control. The Frontier PRO-4X also comes with an electronic locking rear differential and off-road shock absorbers.

Genuine Nissan Accessories

Nissan offers several accessories to boost your towing capacity. These include a tow mode switch, hitch ball mount and hitch ball (Class III), and tow hitch receiver (Class IV).

Against the Competition

At Tracy Nissan, we don't shy away from comparing our vehicles to the competition. Here are a few head-to-head comparisons if you're wondering how the 2024 Nissan Frontier stacks up against the competition.

  • 2024 Chevrolet Colorado: While the Chevrolet Colorado offers a maximum towing capacity of up to 7,700 pounds with the Z71 and Trail Boss trims, its base WT and LT trims offer only 3,500 pounds max towing. The maximum payload is 1,684 pounds with the WT and LT trims and 1,151 pounds with the ZR2 trim.
  • 2024 Ford Ranger: The 2024 Ford Ranger offers a maximum towing capacity of 7,500 pounds on crew cabs, not including the Raptor, which offers 5,510 pounds maximum towing. The maximum payload is 1,805 pounds (and 1,411 pounds for the Raptor).
  • 2024 Jeep Gladiator: The 2024 Jeep Gladiator offers a max towing capacity of 7,700 pounds with the appropriate setup, with other trims offering up to 4,000 pounds towing capacity. The maximum payload is 1,725 pounds.

Test-Drive the 2024 Nissan Frontier Today

We think you'll love the 2024 Nissan Frontier as much as we do. If you're in the Tracy, California, area, stop by our Tracy Nissan dealership for a test drive. Or, you can check out our online inventory  and give us a call. Our professional, friendly staff is ready to help. We offer a convenient online finance application, or we'll walk you through everything when you're ready.

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2024 Nissan Altima Technology Features

The 2024 Nissan Altima is an AWD sedan. This exciting car is modern and stylish, with the technology to match. This iconic vehicle is known for its high quality and performance capabilities. We at Tracy Nissan have put together this article to help you understand why we're so excited about the 2024 Altima's new technology features.

Safety Features

The 2024 Nissan Altima has many essential safety features, from modern airbags to state-of-the-art technology.


Every Altima comes with airbags to keep you and your passengers safe in a collision. These include:

  • Nissan Advanced Air Bag System with dual-stage supplemental front airbags. This system includes seatbelt and occupant classification sensors.
  • Seat-mounted side-impact supplemental airbags. These airbags protect front and rear seat outboard occupants.
  • Driver and front-passenger supplemental knee airbags.
  • Roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental airbags. This system includes a rollover sensor for front and rear-seat outboard occupant head protection.

Seat Belts

Every 2024 Nissan Altima includes three critically important seat belt features.

  • 3-point ALR/ELR seat belt system.
  • Front and rear outboard seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters.
  • LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren).


Every Nissan Altima includes the Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer system and a vehicle security system.

Intelligent Driving Features

  • Available ProPILOT Assist: This available system helps you stay in your lane and keep an even distance from the car ahead of you.
  • Intelligent around view monitor: This available system uses multiple cameras to give you a 360-degree composite view around your vehicle when parking.
  • Intelligent forward collision warning: This system warns you to slow down if the cars in front of you slow down quickly.

Nissan Safety Shield 360

Every Altima comes standard with this package of safety features.

  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection.
  • Rear automatic braking.
  • Blind spot warning.
  • Rear cross-traffic alert.
  • Lane departure warning.
  • High beam assist.

Infotainment Technology

Inside the cabin, the 2024 Nissan Altima has the technology to make your commute, road trip, or trip to the store comfortable and fun.

Displays and Touch Screens

The NissanConnect Services displays navigation, entertainment, and other information on a beautiful color touch screen display. An eight-inch display is standard on SV and SR trims, and a 12.3-inch display is standard on SL and SR VC-Turbo trims. With the Advanced Drive-Assist display, standard on the SV trim and above, you can enjoy easy access to information such as fuel economy. On the available 7-inch display screen, you won't miss a thing.

Wireless Features

The 2024 Nissan Altima offers a variety of amazing wireless technology features.

  • Wireless charging is available on SV and SR trims and included in SL and SR VC-Turbo trims.
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay integration and Android Auto compatibility are available with SV and SR trims and included with SL and SR VC-Turbo trims. Wired versions are also available on other trims.
  • A Wi-Fihotspot is available in the SV and SR trims and included with the SL and SR VC-Turbo trims.

Services and Subscriptions

The 2024 Nissan Altima offers a selection of amazing packages, many including trials with your purchase of a new vehicle.

  • NissanConnect Services with trial packages is included with SL and SR VC-Turbo trims. SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link with a 3-month trial is included in SL and SR VC-Turbo trims.
  • Nissan Door-to-Door Navigation with an included 5-year trial of Premium Traffic is included with the SL and SR VC-Turbo trims.
  • SiriusXM with a 3-month subscription is included in SV and SR trims. The SL and SR VC-Turbo trims include SiriusXM with 360L and a 3-month trial subscription.

MyNissan App

The MyNissan app is your accessible location to store and retrieve all of the information you need about your 2024 Altima and a quick point of access to many great features. The app is free, but some services require a subscription. The MyNissan app includes useful functions, including:

  • Access to emergency response like roadside assistance, towing pick-up information, and emergency contacts.
  • Remote connectivity functions include remote on/off, lock/unlock, horn, lights, and location services.
  • Customizable alerts, including curfew and speed.
  • Maintenance information such as recalls, service history, and warranty.
  • Ownership information, including owner manuals and subscription information.
  • Customer support, including chatting with a Nissan agent and delivery locator within hours.

Other Exciting Features

The 2024 Nissan Altima doesn't quit there. When it comes to technology, the Altima pulls out all the stops. Here are a few of the other excellent tech features in the 2024 Altima.

  • Alexa built-in is available in the SV and SR trims and included with the SL and SR VC-Turbo trims. Siri Eyes Free is included at all trim levels.
  • All trim levels include a Hands-free text messaging assistant and a Bluetooth hands-free phone system.
  • Voice recognition is included in every 2024 Nissan Altima.
  • One USB-A port is included with the S trim, and two USB-A and two USB-C ports are included in other trims.

Audio Technology

The 2024 Nissan Altima has great audio options to help you enjoy the ride.

  • Standard audio system: The base audio system is included in S, SV, and SR trims. This AM/FM system includes six speakers.
  • Bose Premium Audio System: The Bose premium audio system, custom-tuned by Bose engineers, produces a rich sound. This system comes with nine strategically placed speakers for the best sound quality. This system is included in SL and SR VC-Turbo trims.
  • Other audio features: The SR VC-Turbo trim also includes active noise cancelation. All trim levels come with steering wheel-mounted audio controls, speed-sensitive volume control, and streaming audio via Bluetooth.

Explore the 2024 Nissan Altima

At Tracy Nissan, we think you will love the 2024 Altima as much as we do. Check out our current online inventory of 2024 Nissan Altima for sale. Or, if you're in the Tracy area, come by to check out the Altima's technology and other amazing features. Our friendly, experienced team will be happy to answer all of your questions about the Altima or any other Nissan vehicle. If you want to trade in your old vehicle for an Altima, we can help with that too.

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Easter Events in Tracy, CA

Hello, Tracy residents! As the gentle breeze of spring sets in and the flowers start to bloom, it's time to gear up for some egg-citing Easter events in our beautiful city. Tracy, CA, is buzzing with a variety of Easter activities that promise fun for the whole family. From traditional egg hunts to unique Easter-themed events, there's something for everyone. Let's hop into some of the most anticipated Easter events within a 30-minute drive of Tracy, ensuring your Easter is filled with joy, laughter, and lots of chocolate eggs!

Downtown Tracy Hop & Shop

Downtown Tracy transforms into an Easter wonderland with its annual Hop & Shop event. This family-friendly affair is perfect for those who love to combine the thrill of an Easter egg hunt with some delightful shopping. Stroll through the charming streets of downtown Tracy, enjoy special deals from local vendors, and keep an eye out for hidden Easter surprises!

Camden Spring Egg Hunt

The Camden Spring Egg Hunt is a must-visit for families. This event is packed with fun activities, including a traditional egg hunt, games, and photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors and create lasting memories with your little ones.

4th Annual Easter Bunny Egg Hunt

Head over to Knightsen for the 4th Annual Easter Bunny Egg Hunt at R+C Family Farms. This event promises a day filled with joy as kids search for colorful eggs hidden all around the farm. It's not just about the hunt; there are also plenty of other activities to keep everyone entertained.

Easter Brunch at The Hayes Mansion

For a more sophisticated Easter celebration, consider the Easter Brunch at The Hayes Mansion in San Jose. Indulge in a lavish spread of Easter specialties while enjoying the elegant ambiance of the mansion. It's a perfect way to celebrate Easter Sunday with family and friends.

Easter Day Picnic – Live Music with Carman Hammond

Enjoy a relaxing Easter Day Picnic at Retzlaff Vineyards in Livermore. This event combines the joy of Easter with the pleasure of live music. Bring your picnic basket, sit back, and enjoy the tunes of Carman Hammond amidst the beautiful vineyard setting.

Easter Eggstravaganza in Vacaville

Join the Easter Eggstravaganza at VACA. COMM. PRESBYTERIAN CH. in Vacaville for a day of fun-filled activities. This event is perfect for families looking for a traditional Easter celebration with egg hunts, crafts, and lots of fun games.

Lenten Prayer Course in San Francisco

For those seeking a more spiritual experience, the Lenten Prayer Course in San Francisco offers a unique way to observe the Easter season. This event focuses on different aspects of prayer and is a great opportunity to reflect and find peace during this holy time.

Photos with the Easter Bunny at Santana Row

Capture the spirit of Easter with a memorable photo session with the Easter Bunny at Santana Row in San Jose. It's a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Wrapping Up

Easter in Tracy, CA, is a time of joy, celebration, and community spirit. Whether you're participating in a traditional egg hunt, enjoying a brunch with loved ones, or attending a unique Easter event, there's no shortage of ways to celebrate this festive season.

And if you're looking to hop into a new car this Easter, Hanford Hyundai offers a great selection of vehicles perfect for family outings and Easter adventures. So, put on your Easter bonnets, grab your baskets, and get ready to enjoy the myriad of Easter events around Tracy. Happy Easter, everyone!

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2024 Nissan Murano Cargo and Passenger Space

Nissan's crossover SUV thrills drivers with robust power, intelligent all-wheel drive, and cutting-edge in-vehicle tech, making every drive a joy ride. Nissan packed the Murano with the most sought-after features and created ample interior space to maximize comfort and utility. The spacious and luxurious 2024 Nissan Murano outshines the competition with the perfect blend of premium features and customizable space.

Introduction to the 2024 Nissan Murano

The Murano's appealing combination of performance, style, and luxury makes a bold impression and perfectly balances power and efficiency.

Luxury SUV enthusiasts can't stop talking about the Murano's cutting-edge tech, sleek style, and impressive capability, and its expansive cargo and passenger space has everyone buzzing. If purchasing the hot, new Murano interests you, get preapproved online to save time at the dealership.

Cargo Space Dimensions

The Nissan Murano has the space you need for your busy life, your next trip to the beach, or even a cross-country adventure. The cargo area behind the back seat measures 37 inches long, 43 inches wide, and 33.7 inches high, equaling 32.1 cubic feet of space. Folding the rear seat flat provides a cargo space of 74.4 inches long, 43 inches wide, and 33.7 inches high, totaling 67 cubic feet of space.

Nissan has multiple cargo accessories to help organize and protect your belongings. It even offers a retractable pet divider that keeps your best friend in the cargo hold, preventing them from muddying up your seats after a fun day. Contact us to explore the exciting accessories available for your Murano.

Passenger Space Dimensions

The luxurious Nissan Murano is certainly no compact SUV. Front passengers enjoy 39.9 inches of headroom, 40.5 inches of legroom, 55.4 inches of hip room, and 59.5 inches of shoulder room. That's 55.7 cubic feet of passenger volume in the front seat alone.

The rear seat provides 39.8 inches of headroom, 38.7 inches of legroom, 55.2 inches of hip room, and 58.9 inches of shoulder room, or 52.4 cubic feet. Such generous spacing makes the Murano's rear seat a very adult-friendly place for riding around Tracy, California, or heading out of state.

Versatility and Seating Configurations

The Murano's configurable cabin with a 60/40-split folding rear seat allows you to carry longer items without sacrificing all your passenger space. You could leave the 60% side up and still fit two children or one adult in the back seat. With the 40% side flat, you can load just about anything you need, including 2x4 boards and yard tools.

Fold the 60% side flat, and you still have room for one adult or child in the back seat while carrying longer and broader items. The available motion-activated liftgate makes loading cargo a breeze, even when your hands are full. Wave your foot below the sensor, and the liftgate opens.

Interior Quality and Materials

Nissan carefully curated premium materials for the Murano's cabin, capturing the essence of refinement. You have various upholstery options (according to your trim). The Murano SV has Black Graphite leatherette seating surfaces. The high-quality synthetic material is beautiful and durable. Choose the Cashmere leatherette for a brighter look.

The Murano SL's genuine leather in Graphite or Cashmere creates the sophisticated look and feel you deserve. The top-tier Platinum trim has Mocha semi-aniline leather upholstery and dark wood-tone accents that exude sophistication.

While designing the cabin, Nissan thought of everything. The zero-gravity seats in the front with heating and cooling ensure a smooth, comfortable ride in every season. The rear seats heat and recline to enhance the experience for all passengers. The view from the rear seat provides a clear line of sight to the front, encouraging communication. The panoramic moonroof makes the already spacious cabin feel more extensive.

Technology and Infotainment

Nissan equipped the Murano with Nissan Safety Shield 360, a suite of driver-assistance systems that provide peace of mind. The suite's automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection scans for cars and people crossing the road. The system alerts you to any obstacles and engages emergency braking to help avoid a possible collision.

The blind-spot warning system uses sensors to alert you when vehicles enter or are in your blind spots, allowing you to change lanes confidently in traffic. A rear cross-traffic alert system uses similar technology to notify you when a vehicle crosses behind you while you back up and engage rear automatic braking to help you stop. While you're traveling in marked lanes, Nissan's lane departure warning alerts you when it detects an unintentional drift.

Your in-vehicle tech runs through an 8-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth. The user-friendly setup syncs with your smartphone for hands-free operations and endless on-the-go entertainment. Simple voice commands give you access to your favorite apps, navigation information, phone calls, texts, and more without taking your attention away from the road.

Comparison With Competitors

Although the Murano has many competitors, it outperforms them all. The Honda Passport does come close to the Murano in most aspects, but the Murano offers more luxury appointments. The Passport and the Murano have V-6 powertrains, but the Murano gets better fuel economy ratings.

The Murano provides more comfort and convenience to the driver and passengers than Hyundai's SANTE FE. The Nissan Rogue's recent refresh gave it a competitive edge, but the Murano's upscale features and larger interior stand out. Our constantly running new vehicle specials further separate the Murano from its competition.

Explore the Nissan Murano's Cargo Capacity at Tracy Nissan

We hope this article has helped you understand how versatile, luxurious, and spacious the Murano is. To upgrade your Tracy commute, shop our inventory online to find the Murano trim you like best, and visit our North Naglee Road showroom for a personal demonstration and test drive.

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2024 Nissan Sentra Fuel Efficiency

Given the volatility of gasoline prices and the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels, fuel efficiency is one of the most critical qualities that many automotive consumers look for in a vehicle. If you're among today's growing fuel-conscious crowd, then the compact car segment offers you the best set of options on the market.

In this segment, the Nissan Sentra is consistently one of the best-selling models. The Sentra series has long held a reputation for being an affordable and practical everyday vehicle. The 2024 model year upholds that reputation while stirring up significant anticipation with a refreshed design and terrific fuel economy. See how the latest in the line perfectly represents Nissan's commitment to offering a balance of efficiency, performance, and value.

Fuel Economy

The estimated fuel economy of the 2024 Nissan Sentra varies slightly depending on the trim level you choose. The base-model S trim and the midrange SV both get 30 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway for a combined fuel economy of 34 mpg. That places it within the top 10 most fuel-efficient vehicles of 2024, according to Kelley Blue Book. The fuel economy takes a slight dip with the range-topping SR trim, but even that gets an excellent 30 mpg in the city, 38 mpg on the highway, and 33 mpg combined.

Each of these fuel economy figures improves on the previous model year. Nissan attributes the improvements to the 2024 Sentra's new XTRONIC continuously variable transmission (CVT) and idle stop-start system. The XTRONIC CVT not only has a broader transmission ratio than most other automatic vehicles but is also lighter and more compact. Meanwhile, the idle stop-start system automatically turns the engine off and on in response to braking, which prevents excessive fuel consumption.

Powertrain and Performance

Under the hood of every 2024 Sentra is a 2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve four-cylinder engine that pairs with a front-wheel drivetrain and the aforementioned XTRONIC CVT. With 149 hp, 146 lb-ft of torque, and a maximum engine speed of 6,400 rpm, you can expect a zero-to-60 time of about 9 seconds. The Sentra also decelerates quickly; it's capable of braking from 70 mph to a complete stop in 170 feet.

Eco-Friendly Features

Here are the principal mechanical and design elements that the 2024 Sentra incorporates for improved eco-friendliness.


Nissan's XTRONIC CVT is leaner than other automatic transmissions. Specifically, it weighs 13% less and is 10% smaller, which allows it to improve the Sentra's fuel efficiency by at least 10%.

Idle Stop-Start

The idle stop-start system automatically turns off your vehicle's engine when you come to a complete stop and turns it back on when you release your foot from the brake. This system ensures that you aren't using more fuel than you have to, effectively helping you save at the pump and reduce your carbon emissions in the long term.

Aerodynamic Design

An aerodynamic design contributes significantly to the refreshed look of the 2024 Sentra. The gist of it is that a more streamlined body leaves less physical area for the wind to catch and affect steering. Therefore, the more aerodynamic a vehicle's design, the more fuel-efficient the vehicle is likely to be.

Eco Mode

The 2024 Sentra features multiple drive modes, including Eco Mode, which is designed to maximize your vehicle's fuel economy.

You activate Eco Mode by pressing the designated switch on the instrument panel, located near the steering wheel. Doing so illuminates the associated ECO indicator light on the dash. When activated, Eco Mode regulates your vehicle's transmission, power delivery to the engine, and throttle sensitivity, ultimately reducing accelerator responsiveness to prevent bursts of speed. This keeps the vehicle from consuming excessive fuel.

Eco Mode is best suited for times when you can maintain a constant speed for long stretches of road, such as on the freeway. For ordinary stop-and-go driving, the normal driving mode is ideal.

The Driving Experience

The 2024 Sentra's fuel efficiency helps to offer you a dependable driving experience free of anxiety about gas mileage. In just its normal driving mode, you can complete long-distance road trips without breaking the bank at the pump. Say, for instance, you're traveling from Tracy, California, to Los Angeles — a distance of around 320 miles. With a combined fuel economy of 34 mpg and a fuel tank capacity of 12.4 gallons, the 2024 Sentra can cover that distance on a single tank with plenty of fuel to spare.

Competitors of the 2024 Nissan Sentra

The Nissan Sentra has a lot of fuel-efficient competition in the compact car segment, yet it still holds up in its class. Here's how some of the 2024 Sentra's gas-powered competitors stack up against its 30 mpg city and 40 mpg highway fuel economy:

  • Mazda3: With the sedan body, the 2024 Mazda3 gets 28 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway. The hatchback model has lower fuel economy with 23 mpg city and 31 mpg highway.
  • Subaru Impreza: The 2024 Impreza sees a dip in fuel economy from the previous year, netting 26 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway.
  • Volkswagen Jetta: Three out of four trim levels of the 2024 Jetta get an EPA-estimated 29 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway.

Get Behind the Wheel of a 2024 Nissan Sentra in Tracy, California

It's tough to beat the Nissan Sentra in terms of everyday use and long-term practicality. Also, with a starting MSRP of just $20,790, the 2024 Sentra offers tremendous savings as soon as you roll off the lot.
If you're interested in a new Sentra or any of our other new Nissan models, feel free to get in touch with us at Tracy Nissan. You can also check out our new-vehicle specials and complete a financing application online. When you're ready to get behind the wheel, come and see us for a test drive at 3195 N. Naglee Road in Tracy, California.

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Top Romantic Restaurants in Tracy, CA, for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day in Tracy, CA is the perfect opportunity to explore the city's culinary scene with your special someone. From cozy bistros to elegant dining, Tracy offers a variety of romantic restaurants that are sure to make your Valentine's Day memorable. Whether you're in the mood for an intimate dinner, exotic cuisine, or a charming atmosphere, these restaurants within a 30-minute drive of Tracy provide the perfect setting for a romantic evening. Let's dive into some of the best spots for a Valentine's Day dinner that will tantalize your taste buds and ignite the spark of romance.



Juniors' is a top choice for a romantic dinner in Tracy. Known for its exquisite steaks and a warm, inviting atmosphere, it's the perfect place for a date night. The restaurant's elegant setting, combined with its reputation for serving the best fries and delicious drinks, makes it an ideal spot for couples looking for a special dining experience.

The Press Wine Bar

For wine lovers, The Press Wine Bar offers a sophisticated and intimate setting. This wine bar specializes in Spanish cuisine and provides a cozy ambiance for an impromptu date night. Their selection of fine wines and delectable small plates make it a great choice for couples who enjoy sharing and trying different flavors together.

Mazaa Kabob House

Mazaa Kabob House brings a taste of Afghan, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine to Tracy. It's a wonderful option for couples seeking a unique dining experience. The restaurant's welcoming atmosphere makes it a great spot for a date night, offering a break from the usual with its flavorful and halal options.

Thai Jasmine

Thai Jasmine is a fantastic choice for a romantic dinner with its authentic Thai cuisine. The restaurant's great ambiance and friendly service create a perfect setting for a date night. Couples can enjoy traditional Thai dishes that are both flavorful and beautifully presented.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 offers a New American dining experience in Tracy. It's a great casual date night spot, known for its relaxed atmosphere and innovative dishes. Whether you're celebrating an occasion or just having a casual evening out, Chapter 2 provides a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience.

Tracy Thai Restaurant

Tracy Thai Restaurant is another excellent choice for a romantic evening. Their Thai cuisine is perfect for a date night, offering a variety of cocktails and amazing dishes. The restaurant's ambiance adds to the overall experience, making it a memorable spot for couples.

Midori Fine Asian Cuisine

Midori Fine Asian Cuisine is a great option for a date night with its Chinese and Asian offerings. The restaurant's ambiance is perfect for either a romantic date night or a family night out. It's a great place to enjoy a mix of Asian flavors in a lovely setting.

Maroo Korean BBQ & Catering

Maroo Korean BBQ & Catering offers a unique dining experience with its Korean barbecue options. It's a new favorite for date nights, providing a fun and interactive way to enjoy a meal together. The restaurant's Korean and barbecue dishes are perfect for couples looking for something different.


Tracy, CA, offers a diverse range of romantic restaurants perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day. From cozy steak houses to exotic international cuisine, there's something to suit every couple's taste. And for those looking to arrive in style for their romantic evening, consider stopping by Tracy Nissan. Their selection of elegant vehicles can add an extra touch of romance to your special day. Happy Valentine's Day, Tracy!


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Top Winter Scenic Drives from Tracy, CA

Top 6 Winter Scenic Drives from Tracy, CA

Winter in California offers an enchanting blend of snowy landscapes and serene beauty, perfect for a road trip. Starting from Tracy, nestled in the heart of San Joaquin County, Tracy Nissan invites you to embark on a journey through some of the most picturesque routes the state has to offer.


Lake Tahoe Scenic Drive

 An absolute jewel in the winter, the drive around Lake Tahoe blends crystal-clear waters and snowy peaks. This 72-mile drive, spanning the California-Nevada border, promises breathtaking views of Emerald Bay State Park and Sand Harbor State Park on the Nevada side. As the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe contrast sharply with the white snow, the drive remains accessible and mesmerizing throughout the winter, with several hiking trails and beaches en route​​​​.


Highway 49 through Gold Country

Steeped in history, this route takes you back to the California Gold Rush era. Beginning in Sonora and snaking through towns like Angels Camp and Placerville, this drive showcases historic mining towns and state parks like the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. The journey, surrounded by the Stanislaus and Tahoe National Forests, offers hiking, sightseeing, and a peek into California's rich history​​.


Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

 Connecting two of California’s natural treasures, this 80-mile route is a gateway to some of the tallest trees on earth – the Giant Sequoias. The drive, best undertaken from mid-spring to late fall, takes you through the Generals Highway in Sequoia National Park and Highway 180 in Kings Canyon, offering awe-inspiring views of the deep canyon and towering trees​​.


California Route 89

This scenic alpine drive from the Lake Tahoe region to Lassen Volcanic National Park is a lesser-known gem. It's perfect for those seeking solitude amidst nature's grandeur. The route spans jaw-dropping scenery, including alpine lakes and volcanic landscapes, making it a unique experience for winter explorers​​.


Joshua Tree National Park

Although a bit farther from Tracy, the drive through Joshua Tree National Park is worth the distance. The 23.5-mile journey along Park Boulevard reveals the park's iconic Joshua trees, rock formations, and desert landscapes. Notable stops include Skull Rock and Keys View, offering panoramic views of the Coachella Valley and the Salton Sea​​.


California Route 128

For a change of scenery, this route offers a drive through the majestic redwood forests of Northern California. Starting from Winters and stretching to Albion, this drive is a transition from vineyards to the towering redwoods, eventually leading to the breathtaking Pacific coastline. It’s a perfect blend of forest and ocean vistas​​.


Each drive presents a unique aspect of California's diverse landscape, from serene lakes and historic towns to towering forests and desert landscapes. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, these drives offer an escape into nature’s best right from the doorstep of Tracy Nissan.


As you prepare for your scenic winter journey, remember that your vehicle is your companion on these roads. Tracy Nissan, located at 3195 N Naglee Rd, Tracy, CA, offers a range of vehicles suited for such adventures. Whether you need a rugged SUV for the mountain trails or a comfortable sedan for the long highways, they perfectly match your needs.


To explore their range of vehicles and services or to plan your next winter road trip with the right vehicle, visit Tracy Nissan. Embrace the winter spirit and discover the beauty of California through these scenic drives, with Tracy Nissan as your starting point.


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2024 Nissan LEAF Safety Features

The Nissan LEAF is a fantastic all-electric car. Since Nissan first introduced it in 2010, many have recognized the LEAF as a dependable electric vehicle. This environmentally friendly vehicle is as modern as it is fun, and most importantly, it has numerous features to help keep you safe on the road in Tracy, California. At Tracy Nissan, we love the LEAF and think you will, too. In this article, read as our team shares more information about the 2024 Nissan LEAF's commitment to safety.

2024 Nissan LEAF Safety Features


Nissan designed the 2024 LEAF with safety in mind. Through its many standard and upgraded safety options, you can drive with confidence, knowing the latest safety technology is protecting you on Tracy's roads.

Accident Prevention

The 2024 LEAF has a suite of features to help prevent accidents. Except for intelligent driver alertness, all the features come standard on both the S and SV PLUS trims. Here are some of the 2024 LEAF's top accident-prevention features:

  • Lane departure warning: This system alerts you if you drift out of your lane.
  • Intelligent trace control: It helps you make smooth turns on curves and corners.
  • Intelligent lane intervention: This system helps you stay in your lane.
  • Blind-spot warning: It monitors your 2024 LEAF's blind spots and will let you know if a vehicle enters that area.
  • Intelligent blind-spot intervention: This system helps you move back if you're drifting toward someone in your blind spot.
  • Intelligent forward collision warning: This forward collision alert system monitors the road ahead. The vehicle keeps a virtual eye out for up to two cars ahead of you and warns you if they're decelerating quickly.
  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection: Like the intelligent forward collision warning, the automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection system monitors the road ahead. It considers your speed and distance from objects and warns you if you need to slow down, while the included automatic braking helps if you're about to crash or a pedestrian is in a crosswalk.
  • Rear cross-traffic alert: This system monitors the area behind your car. It can warn you if other vehicles approach while you're backing up.
  • Rear automatic braking: Like the rear cross-traffic alert, it monitors the area behind your car and includes automatic braking to prevent a collision. Instead of looking for moving objects like the cross-traffic alert, it looks for stationary objects.
  • Active ride control: This feature keeps your ride smooth over bumps.
  • Other collision prevention features: The 2024 LEAF also has features such as intelligent driver alertness (standard on the SV PLUS) and a vehicle dynamic control with traction control system.

Collision Safety Features

The LEAF's accident-prevention features are truly impressive. Even in the case of an accident, the 2024 LEAF works to keep you and your family safe with the standard Nissan Safety Shield 360. Here are some of the top safety features that'll protect you and your loved ones in a crash:

  • Air bags: The 2024 Nissan LEAF includes the Nissan Advanced Air Bag System. It includes dual-stage supplemental front air bags, seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bags for front- and rear-seat outboard occupants, driver and front-passenger supplemental knee air bags, and roof-mounted curtain supplemental air bags with rollover sensors.
  • Crumple zones: The LEAF comes with both front and rear crumple zones. It has hood buckling creases and safety stops, an energy-absorbing steering column, a slide-away brake pedal assembly, and pipe-style steel side-door guard beams.
  • Seat belts: The LEAF has a three-point automatic locking retractor and emergency locking retractor passenger seat belt system, front and rear outboard seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters, and a Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children system.
  • Other structural features and systems: The 2024 Nissan LEAF includes a tire pressure monitoring system with an easy-fill tire alert, the Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System, and a vehicle security system.

2024 Nissan LEAF Driver-Assistance Features

The 2024 Nisan LEAF has many advanced technology features that work with you to help you stay safe behind the wheel. We have a few favorites.

Intelligent Around View Monitor

This system can help you park in the smallest of spaces, as it offers a 360-degree look around your vehicle. The Intelligent Around View Monitor system uses four cameras to make a composite view, including an overhead angle and curbside views. It'll alert you if something moves near your vehicle. This system is available on the S trim and standard on the SV PLUS trim.

ProPILOT Assist

ProPILOT Assist, standard on the SV PLUS trim, helps you keep a steady distance behind the car in front of you, keeps you in your lane, and adapts to changing traffic.

Challenging Driving Conditions

The 2024 LEAF is here to help if the road ahead gets challenging. High beam assist is standard on every LEAF. This feature will automatically switch between your car's low and high beams as needed, such as when another vehicle is ahead of you. Hill start assist is also standard on both trims to keep you from rolling backward on steep hills.

Other Driver-Assistance Features

The LEAF has a few other features to keep you safe on the road. Although the S trim doesn't come standard with the Intelligent Around View Monitor, it does include a rearview camera. Both trims come standard with a rear sonar system.

The 2024 LEAF Is Your Partner in Safety

Nissan has taken a truly comprehensive safety approach in the 2024 LEAF. We think you'll agree, and we'd love the chance to show you all that the LEAF has to offer for your daily Tracy, California, driving needs. Check out our 2024 Nissan LEAF inventory and book a test drive today. And be sure to check out our convenient finance application form if you're ready to drive off in a new 2024 LEAF.

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