We know it is an important decision on whether to buy or lease a Nissan car. The experts at Tracy Nissan are here to help you make this tough choice. Whether you have your sights on the 2019 Nissan Rogue or the 2019 Nissan Altima, we will find a vehicle that fits your needs and your budget.


When You Should Lease

One advantage of leasing a car is that a smaller down payment is typically required, compared to when you finance. In addition, the savings on vehicle maintenance combined with lower monthly payments means more money in your pocket. Leasing provides flexibility when trading in your vehicle, as you have the ability to turn in your leased car and walk away or lease a new Nissan car.

For further information on leasing, contact your Modesto Nissan dealer today.


When You Should Buy

Buying a Nissan car would be in your best interest if you desire to own a car outright. Purchasing gives you the option to customize your car without worrying about any fees at the end of a lease. Also, each month you will build equity that lease customers do not garner with their vehicles. When you decide to sell your Nissan or trade it in, you can use any equity you acquire toward a down payment on your next car.  Another perk is that you do not have to worry about exceeding the mileage cap that is included in every lease.


Financing a Nissan Vehicle at Our Dealership

At Tracy Nissan, our goal is to make the financing with us crystal clear. Our finance experts are knowledgeable in lease and purchase agreements, so you will have a full understanding of what your payments will look like. We want you to understand what is expected of you before you walk out the door. Your Nissan dealer is available to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding leasing and buying.

Choosing whether to lease or to buy a car is a personal decision with many options to consider. Stop by our dealership at 3195 N. Naglee Rd. today to further discuss these options with a knowledgeable professional. Your Tracy Nissan dealer looks forward to meeting you and assisting you in deciding what option best fits your needs, so you can drive off our lot stress-free.